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Medical Service

At TRI-MED, we are dedicated to providing the best possible care to seniors, including therapeutic, educational and social care. We make certain of improvements in their overall well-being along with their social life. Our long list of facilities includes medical services to ensure the good health of seniors.

Our medical services include:

  • Simple Medical Check – We provide regular simple medical checks for seniors to make sure that they are healthy and fit. Healthcare professionals examine seniors to detect any health issues, overall well-being, status of an existing medical condition, and more.

  • Physical Therapy – We provide physical therapy for seniors who face problems with the ability to move or complete other normal functions. Our physical therapists examine and help them to recover from mobility issues and improve functionality. We develop an inclusive plan for patients’ recovery and improvement in health.

  • Podiatry – We also offer podiatry services for seniors with foot, ankle, and related medical disorders. Our therapists are determined to help seniors in recovering from medical conditions while maintaining their dignity and self-confidence.

  • Occupational Therapy – At TRI-MED, we provide occupational therapy services to seniors with mental, physical or cognitive medical disorder.

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