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At TRI-MED, we have an extensive library with hundreds of books accessible to all our seniors. Since seniors at our facility come with different levels of education and cultures, we have made sure that our library has something for everyone.

  • Books – We make sure that our library has all kinds of books, including drama, fiction, non-fiction, history, journals, thrillers, diaries, poetry and more. We do have books even for the most critical readers.

  • Newspapers – Apart from providing different books, our library provides newspapers as well. We provide newspapers in different languages as per our requirements. Our staff members assist in reading the newspaper articles out loud for those seniors who cannot read the newspapers on their own.

  • Study Group – Our adult day care service also provides a study group facility, where seniors can sit, read and study together in a group.

  • Reading area – Our reading area offers a peaceful and soothing environment to study. The reading area is designed in a way that it ensures that the seniors comfortably spend their time reading as much as they want.

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