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Beauty Salon

At TRI-MED, we offer seniors the chance to pamper and groom themselves through our beauty salon services.

Our beauty salon services include:

  • Facial – We provide a variety of skin treatments, including steams, face packs, and massages to groom seniors and make them feel good about themselves.

  • Massage Therapy – We provide various massage therapies to help seniors relax. We provide special massage treatment to seniors who are suffering from blood pressure problems.

  • Pedicure – To treat feet and toenails – and prevent any nail disorders – we provide professional pedicure services to our seniors. In addition, our pedicure services help seniors in getting rid strain and anxiety, and by preventing bad foot odor.

  • Haircut –┬áProper grooming is very essential, and nothing works better than a professional haircut. Our beauty salon is staffed with professionals that can give seniors their desired haircut.

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