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At TRI-MED, our mission is to enrich the life, health and independence of the seniors through socialization, supervision, monitoring, healthy diet and daily living activities that take place in a caring and supervised environment. Our mission is to promote the overall health of the seniors and help them maintain their self-respect and self-identify by reducing their social isolation.


Social senior adult day care is a program where seniors can gather at daytime for organized socialization and recreation in a safe, nurturing and caring environment. A caregiver may opt for these programs as an initial step in the care of the loved one that may be in the early phases of dementia or declining in cognitive capability. Our programs give caregivers an opportunity to get much-needed respite, knowing that their loved ones are in a safe, pleasant, and socially engaging atmosphere. Many experts of the industry have agreed that adult day services are important in supporting quality of life and maintain seniors in their homes for longer periods. Apart from taking care of the seniors, we also assist caregivers through counsel and consultation.

TRIMED is a “social model” that aims on planned services of social and therapeutic activities, diet, recreation and other health related services. The activities offered are particularly designed for cognitive impaired and physically frail individuals. We offer a perfect mixture of services that help us meet the specific needs of the families and participants in the group.


Adults with:
  • Physical impairment that require support, monitoring or supervision
  • Memory difficulties or cognitive impairments that cause difficulties in daily functioning
  • Caregivers that want respite

Our adult day care is particularly designed for individuals aged 55 and over; however, we can consider those under 55 who may meet our adult day care requirements.

TRI-MED is a cost-effective care option as compared to care in assisted living facility or a nursing home. We provide aides to a variety of participants that are physically frail, have cognitive disorders, or are physically impaired.

About Us

Who We Are

TRI-MED is a pioneer name in the social adult day services in the United States. We are dedicated to improve the overall well-being and social life of seniors by involving them in various therapeutic, educational and social activities.

We, at TRI-MED provide a supervised, supportive and social environment for seniors who require essential care.

Our services are for individuals aged 55 and over. But we also provide special consideration to individuals under 55.

We provide services for seniors suffering from memory loss or cognitive impairments. Our objective is to provide care to seniors and the much-needed rest to their caregivers.

Our services include health care, social care, educational services and personal care. We provide hot and nutritious meals and also help them with eating (if necessary).

We provide various classes in subjects like art, computer and more. Our staff members are trained and certified for senior care.

We encourage socialization in seniors by engaging them in activities like outdoor games, field trips, social activities and more. We are determined to reduce their community isolation. At TRI-MED, our programs are designed to assist individuals in maintaining their self-confidence and identity.