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Physical Activity (Medium – Large Group)

All seniors (with or without any medical condition) require regular physical activity to stay healthy, fit, and socially active. At TRI-MED, we organize various physical activities to keep individuals hale and hearty. We encourage seniors to partake in these activities to increase their social interaction and stay healthy.

Physical activities at our center include:

  • Ballroom Dance – It gives them an opportunity to mingle and socialize.

  • Folk Dancing – We also encourage seniors to participate in folk dancing. Not only does it make them more active and fit, but also boosts their social interactions.

  • Easy Yoga – We organize easy yoga sessions to help seniors in maintaining their fitness.

  • Light Aerobics – Light aerobics is another physical activity that we offer. It makes seniors more active and fit.

  • Table Tennis – We organize table tennis games in which seniors can partake in to improve their fitness.

  • Meditation – Meditation is a part of our services due to its multiple health benefits to seniors.

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