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Classroom (Medium – Large Group)

At TRI-MED, we conduct various classroom activities to keep seniors happy and engaged and boost their self-respect and liberty at the same time.

Our main classroom activities are:

  • Cooking Class – Cooking lessons help seniors to enhance their culinary knowledge and skills. Our main goal behind these classes is to assist seniors with nutrition, meal planning, cooking on a budget and developing new friendships.

  • Painting Classes – We offer various art activities with a special emphasis on painting. Our painting classes help seniors to express their feelings when they find it difficult to convey them with words. Arts classes, such as painting, make seniors feel less lonesome. They also encourage playfulness and humor.

  • Elder Abuse Prevention – We have designed special classes to offer tips and techniques to prevent abuse, whether it is physical or emotional. These classes help seniors to understand signs and main risk factors associated with abuse.

  • Computer Classes – We provide training in computer literacy to ensure that seniors do not lag behind the latest technology. Our classes offer computer skills that help them send e-mails, chat online and read the latest news.

  • Handicraft Class – Craft classes not only offer new skills, but also give the chance to have fun. Our handicraft classes are relaxing, therapeutic and provide opportunities to interact and socialize with their peers.

  • Photography Classes – Our photography classes help seniors develop skills that support them document their journey of life. Moreover, photography is a stress reliever and inspires the imagination. It can also bring individuals close to their natural spirituality.

  • Wellness Seminars – At TRI-MED, we also organize wellness seminars that help elders learn tips and techniques to promote their overall health. These seminars include discussions on topics such as fitness, stress management, medical emergencies, healthy heart practices, etc.

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