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Here, seniors get essential healthcare, personal care and social care in a supervised and comfortable environment. In addition, they learn to get out of their social isolations by partaking in various social activities.

Adults whose caregivers are in a need of respite should attend the day care program. Adults with physical impairments (requiring assistance or supervision), memory loss or cognitive impairments (interfering with their daily functioning) should also attend social adult day care.

Usually, adults aged 55 or over attend social adult day care. But sometimes individuals under the age of 55 also get special consideration if their needs may be completed in an adult day care setting.

Healthcare, social care, educational and personal care are the main services offered at our day care center.

Different activities, like sing-a-longs, celebrations for birthdays, local outings, trips to parks and cultural sites, book clubs, discussion groups, chess lessons, movies, etc., are conducted for the social care of the seniors.

These services are beneficial for both the seniors and their caregivers (family members or loved ones). The seniors get the best possible care, while their caregivers get much-needed rest from their responsibilities.

We charge $35.00 for a day. Payment can be arranged on a weekly or monthly basis.

After 5 p.m., there is a $12.00 per hour late fee charge.