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Activities We Do

We have created a special daycare program to enrich the life, health, and independence of seniors. Our program includes recreational activities, planned field trips, socialization, and educational activities that all take place in a supervised environment. All the activities are designed to promote physical and emotional health of the seniors.

We promote healthiness, self-confidence, and independence among seniors through:

Educational Programs

We provide a variety of educational programs that include computer classes, language classes, group discussions, lectures, monthly educational speakers etc. All these activities help seniors improve their confidence and learn new skills.

Social Activities and Crafts

Our program includes a wide range of social activities such as local outings, holiday and birthday celebrations, interactions with other participants and much more. We also provide art and craft activities to help them stimulate the brain.

Daily Walks and Outdoor Games

To improve and maintain the health of seniors, we organize daily walks, which can be a great form of exercise. To keep them active and engaged, we include numerous outdoor games like badminton, volleyball, golf, etc.


Our program includes a special set of musical activities and songfest that helps seniors promote good overall health by increasing positive emotions and reducing tension and anxiety. Musical activities also help elderly people in memory and recall.

Planned Field Trips

We plan various field trips for seniors, taking their physical and mental health into the account. These field trips include tours to parks, museums, and cultural sites that help them stay busy in enjoyable and educational activities.

Rest and Relaxation

We keep our focus on various factors such as stress management, muscle relaxation, deep breathing, healthy sleeping patterns, etc. to help seniors feel comfortable and relaxed.